Aug 14, 2020

New constitution to allow over 2 Presidential terms! (Video) Featured

Minister of Water Supply and Drainage - Vasudeva Nanayakkara has stated that the constitution will be amended to allow the President to serve more than two terms.

He added that any obstacles preventing the President from holding certain posts will also be amended, he added.

Mr. Vasudeva stated this at a media briefing held at the Ministry in Battaramulla yesterday (13).

He stressed that the new constitution should be tabled immediately and that the newly elected MPs should form a constitutional body and back this move.

The Minister said that there is a possibility of proposing, debating and passing proposals of the new constitution as was done in 1972.

The 19th Amendment to the Constitution does not stand in the way, he said.

Noting that if there is any obstacle for the president to hold any post, it can be rectified as required, Vasudewa  reminded that they have the 2/3 parliament majority to make this possible.

Adding that the new constitution could include posts such as vice president and deputy prime minister, the minister said he was not against this.

On a lighter note, the minister said he will be spending most of his time for water related matters and one day would probably drown in it.

At 81 years of age, Vasudeva Nanayakkara is the oldest minister in the present cabinet.

- Indika Sri Aravinda