Aug 04, 2020

Lead detected in the blood of Anuradhapura people! Featured

Former Director of the Food Control Unit at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ananda Jayalal stated that research has confirmed the presence of lead in the blood of villagers in the Anuradhapura District.

According to the research, 3-9 micrograms of lead were found per deciliter of blood.

As a result, these villages suffer from a range of diseases such as neurological disorders, impaired kidney function and high blood pressure.

Lead in the blood, which should not be present in the first place, also reduces the intelligence levels of children.

Research has further shown that lead is added to the bloodstream  from food and drinking water.

Noting that the research was done by randomly selecting several rural areas in the Anuradhapura District, he added that it will be extended in the future by randomly selecting people from each district.

(Source - Aruna)