Aug 01, 2020

Police officers sentenced one year in jail if suspects not caught Featured

Deputy Solicitor General Dileep Peiris has stated that according to the Police Ordinance, it is possible to enforce the law against officers who do not comply with court orders and if the police do not take action to arrest suspects, they can be sentenced to 12 months imprisonment along with suspension of salaries for 12 months.

That is under the article on 'cowardice' mentioned under Section 80 of the Police Ordinance.

Warrants have been issued against the former Negombo Superintendent of Prisons Anuruddha Sampayo and Chief Jailor Upali Sarath Bandara, Acting Jailor Nishantha Senaratne and Second Class Jailor Prasad Kalinga Kaluaggala for their arrest with reference to corruption at Negombo Prison. Addressing this issue the Deputy Solicitor General made these comments before the Negombo Acting Magistrate Indika Silva criticizing the police for not arresting them even after 7 days following the issuance of warrants.

He further stated that despite the efforts of the security forces to bring Madhush, the leader of an organized crime gang hiding in Dubai, and Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP hiding in Malaysia to Sri Lanka, the police force of 87,000 led by IGB have not been able to arrest four suspects living in the country, which has a population of nearly 22 million and covers an area of only 65,000 square kilometers. 

The main suspect in the case has not yet been arrested and two of the other suspects have surrendered to court.