Aug 01, 2020

Gammanpila goes to CID 

Udaya Gammanpila, the Colombo District candidate of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) has lodged a complaint with the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) yesterday (31) seeking legal action against those who spread defamatory and false information about him on social media networks.

The complaint alleges that a statement which was not made by him has been circulated in social media making it look like it was made by him and certain statements have been intentionally distorted and edited.

The complaint alleges that the defamatory images and videos were being deliberately shared in the internet with the intention of defaming him.

It states that voters will be misled in the forthcoming general election due to this.

Gammanpila has also given the names of several Facebook accounts of those who insulted him to the CID.

He has also requested that legal action should be taken against them culprits under the Penal Code and the Computer Provisions Act No. 27 of 2007.