Jul 20, 2020

SLTB incurring Rs.10 mn loss daily

The Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) is incurring a loss of Rs.10 million daily as passengers are being carried according to the number of seats available in buses due to COVID-19 conditions.
“With COVID-19 hitting us hard, buses cannot operate to their full capacity, according to Government’s health guidelines,” Passenger Transport Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said.

Most of the people who were using public transport earlier now moved to their own vehicles for health reasons. This has resulted in considerable loss in income of those engaged in the private bus industry. Bus owners are helpless as they cannot make a profit without operating at full capacity.The Minister made these remarks while addressing a public meeting held in Angunukolapelessa yesterday.

“Even though, the SLTB incurs a losses daily, the services provided to passengers will not be curtailed at all. Considering appeals from the private bus owners , the government has decided to provide numerous concessions for them. This includes granting a concessionary period to pay leasing and insurance instalments of private buses, issuing a concession period regarding the insurance and driving licences of vehicles, apprehending private buses currently operating illegally as office services and providing Rs.300,000 as a loan and at a concessionary rate of 4% percent to purchase new buses.