Jul 09, 2020

60% of registered vehicles not in running condition: DMT

Sixty per cent of the total vehicles registered at the Department of Motor Traffic (DMT) is not in good running condition, DMT Assistant Commissioner J.A.S. Jayaweera said.

Speaking at the media briefing during the ‘Fifth National Accident Prevention Week’ Mr Jayaweera said 8.1 million vehicles were registered with the Department.

“4.6 million Motorcycles and 1.1 million three-wheelers were registered at the Department. 80% of the total registrations were personal vehicles,” he said.

Fifty per cent of the registered vehicles which not in good running condition were categorised under motorcycles and three-wheelers.

Though the vehicle registrations reached 8.1 million, there is no sufficient road capacity in the country. At present, the road capacity is 112,000 km.