Jun 29, 2020

Postal workers on strike 

Postal workers at the Central Mail Exchange have launched a trade union action over a dispute pertaining to election duty.

Co-convenor of the Joint Postal Trade Union Collective, PM Hettiarachchi attributed the union action to a decision by authorities to carry-out election duties at a separate location from the Central Mail Exchange.

Speaking to NewsRadio, PM Hettiarachchi said election related matters including the categorisation and the distribution of postal ballots were conducted at the Central Mail Exchange for several years.

He said following the intervention of a regional politician, the process has been moved away from the Central Mail Exchange to an office which lacks necessary facilities.

Hettiarachchi said the move has inconvenienced postal workers and demanded the Postmaster General to immediately rescind the order.

Co-convenor of the Joint Postal Trade Union Collective PM Hettiarachchi said union members are expected to hold talks with the Postmaster General pertaining to the matter at 10 this morning.