Feb 13, 2017

‘Sathhanda’ editors to be arrested! Featured

Legal action is to be taken against the ‘Sathhanda’ newspaper and its editors as per provisions in clause five of the Right To Information Act, reports say.

The accusation against them is causing a breach in Sri Lanka’s diplomatic relations with the US. website has published an article on the matter, which says the weekend newspaper and the website owned by it also carried out a poster campaign based on the said article, causing inconvenience to the two countries at diplomatic level.

It says clause five of the RTI prevents the publication of anything that harms diplomatic ties with another country.

The government legalized the right to information to establish the people’s right to information, and not to allow ‘abominable’ media to fabricate total falsehoods, the website says.

Officials responsible for the RTI need to act against such ‘abominable’ media, or else the mere existence of law will be meaningless for the public, it says.

The website referes to an article in yesterday’s (12) ‘Sathhanda’ that claims FCID’s senior DIG Ravi Vidyalankara and chief inspector Anura Premaratne narrowly escaped arrest by the FBI in California while investigating an act of corruption committed by Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.

‘Sathhanda’, published by People’s Power Media (Pvt.) Ltd., has Deepthi Kumara Gunaratne, also leader of the Vanguard Party, as its editor and Subhash Jayawardena as the deputy editor.

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