Jun 27, 2020

100,000 migrant workers waiting in line to come to SL Featured

Around 100,000 migrant workers are ready to come to Sri Lanka due to the Covid-19 pandemic, said Rajeev Suriyarachchi, Deputy Chairman of Airport and Aviation Services (S.L.) Limited  (AASL).

He has told the media that the government's intention is to bring these workers back to Sri Lanka before opening the airport for tourists.

He has further added that AASL is already taking action making this a priority.

It is reported that 52,401 people from 117 countries have registered to come to Sri Lanka and the majority of them are migrants from the Middle East.

In addition, it is reported that workers from the Maldives, England, Canada, Australia and the United States are also in the group.

However, on several occasions 9580 workers from 38 countries have been brought to Sri Lanka.

In addition, it is said that the students who are pursuing higher studies have also been brought back to the country.

However, airport sources report that only four aircraft can be operated per day.