Jun 20, 2020

71 army officers promoted

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces on the recommendations of Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army Shavendra Silva, promoted one more set of 71 Officers to their next rank, the Army Headquarteras announced.

Accordingly, 41 Colonels to the rank of Brigadier and 30 Lieutenant Colonels to the rank of Colonel have been promoted, effective from 15 June 2020.

Extending his best wishes to all newly-promoted Officers, Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva expresses the Army gratitude to the President and the Ministry of Defence for their cooperation and understanding and maintains that these promotions would stimulated morale for better performance, courage and commitment to duties.

Sri Lanka Army, thoughtful career progression of All Ranks has so far obtained promotions for 29 Officers (Brigadier to Major General), 51 Officers (Colonel to Brigadier), 95 Officers (Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel) and 138 Officers (Major to Lieutenant Colonel) in the past six months, thanks to the Commander’s direct intervention.

Similarly, 14,617 Other Ranks of the Regular Force of the Army and 1785 Other Ranks of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force have been so far promoted to their next ranks in the past few months.

Here follows the list of newly-promoted Senior Officers;

Colonel to Brigadier

a. Colonel S P A M Premaratne USP

b. Colonel W Chandrasiri RSP USP psc

c. Colonel G A Munasinghe RSP ato

d. Colonel G D R U K Galhenege

e. Colonel K M S Kumara

f. Colonel O M D Gunasinghe

g. Colonel D A Amarasekara USP

h. Colonel S A Pathirana RSP

i. Colonel K V N P Premaratne RSP USP psc

j. Colonel M Mayadunna RSP USP

k. Colonel M T I Mahalekam WWV RWP RSP USP psc

I. Colonel T C K Peiris RWP RSP

m. Colonel U K D D P Udugama RWP RSP USP psc

n. Colonel W M P M Wijesooriya RWP RSP

o. Colonel P R Pathiravitana psc

p. Colonel W S K Liyanawaduge RSP

q. Colonel D N J Fernando RSP USP

r. Colonel T M Hettiarachchi RSP

s. Colonel K A N Rasika Kumara psc

t. Colonel R M P S B Rathnayake

u. Colonel S D Udayasena RSP

v. Colonel K A W N H Bandaranayake USP

w. Colonel W P Kariyawasam

x. Colonel A M C P Wijayaratne RWP RSP psc

y. Colonel K M P S B Kulatunga RSP psc

z. Colonel H H K S S Hewage RWP RSP USP psc

aa. Colonel K H M S Wickramaratne RSP

ab. Colonel W M S C K Wanasinghe RSP USP

ac. Colonel P A M Peiris RSP USP psc

ad. Colonel W W M P W W B R Palamakumbura RWP RSP

ae. Colonel D A K Dissanayake WWV RWP RSP

af. Colonel A S M Fariz USP

ag. Colonel W M H E Ratnayake WWV RWP RSP USP

ah. Colonel W L A C Perera RWP RSP USP

ai. Colonel W D M Kumarasinghe RSP

aj. Colonel LAJLB Udowita RWP RSP

ak. Colonel K L S S Liyanagama RWP RSP

al. Colonel C A Rajapakse RSP

am. Colonel J P Vithanachchi RWP USP

an. Colonel W B J K Wimalaratne RWP RSP

ao. Colonel R M M Monaragala USP

Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel

a. Lieutenant Colonel S P Malawarage RSP USP IG SLA

b. Lieutenant Colonel L K T Fernando RSP USP SLAC

c. Lieutenant Colonel L D Perera RWP RSP USP SLSR

d. Lieutenant Colonel T N K Perera SLLI

e. Lieutenant Colonel P R Samaraweera SLAGSC

f. Lieutenant Colonel K A S K Siriwardena RWP RSP USP SLSR

g. Lieutenant Colonel A H K Wijegunawardana RSP SLLI

h. Lieutenant Colonel M S C Peiris RSP USP GR

i. Lieutenant Colonel K V I L Jayaweera USP CR

j. Lieutenant Colonel S J Kariyakarawana RWP RSP USP VIR

k. Lieutenant Colonel S R M L P Samaranayake USP SLSR

I. Lieutenant Colonel P N Wickramasinghe SLSR

m Lieutenant Colonel M P K L Amarasinghe WWV RWP RSP SF

n. Lieutenant Colonel G S K Perera RSP CR

o. Lieutenant Colonel N S S Dias RSP GR

p. Lieutenant Colonel I N Kandanaarachchi RSP MIR

q. Lieutenant Colonel M H E C Wijayasena USP SLAGSC

r. Lieutenant Colonel D R S A Jayamanna RSP USP SLAMC

s. Lieutenant Colonel T M S J Tennakoon RSP SLLI

t. Lieutenant Colonel D K R N Silva RSP USP psc SLAC

u. Lieutenant Colonel G D J C Prematilaka USP psc SLLI

v. Lieutenant Colonel K G M N Seneviratne USP SLAC

w. Lieutenant Colonel R M S P Rathnayake USP psc IG SLA

x. Lieutenant Colonel K M G Bandaranayake USP psc SLSC

y. Lieutenant Colonel A S P Jayampathi USP MIR

z. Lieutenant Colonel D K R Perera GW

aa. Lieutenant Colonel K G U T Jayasinghe SLASC

ab. Lieutenant Colonel D S Jayawardana RSP SLSR

ac. Lieutenant Colonel K L I Karunanayaka RWP RSP VIR

ad. Lieutenant Colonel K P P Karunanayaka GW

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