Jun 15, 2020

PHIs to quit from Covid-19 related work

Public Health Inspectors have informed the Ministry of Health that they will quit from Covid-19 related duties from Wednesday (17) onwards.

In a letter, the Public Health Inspectors' Union of Sri Lanka states that health authorities have failed to legitimise delegation of powers under the Quarantine Act. Therefore, it has been challenged by the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka, they add.

President of the union - Upul Rohana says that therefore,  should any FR petitions be filed in the future over the curfew mechanism and non-implementation of the quarantine laws, members of his union will ultimately be in a tough spot.

He also points out the public has undermined Covid-19 guidelines as 46 guidelines for reopening the country have not been enacted and also because of the inability to practically implement them.

In this backdrop, the lesser group actually implementing these  health guidelines are also severely inconvenienced, he further notes.

Based on these facts, PHIs will quit from Covid-19 related duties from Wednesday onwards, Mr. Upul Rohana says.

(Source - Aruna)