Jun 10, 2020

STF raids prison cells of Wele Suda & other notorious criminals

82 mobile phones, 55 SIM cards, batteries and chargers were seized during raids at the Negombo, Colombo, Bogambara and Boossa prisons, on Tuesday (June 10).

Three mobile phones were discovered during a surprise raid at the Boossa Prison.

“The mobile devices were discovered from the prison cells holding Kosgoda Tharaka, Gautham, Susai and George, who are all members of organized crime syndicates,” Acting Commissioner General of Prisons Thushara Upuldeniya said.

Prison Officials discovered a SIM card from the cell holding underworld criminal Wele Suda.

Acting Commissioner General of Prisons Thushara Upuldeniya said the mobile devices and the SIM card was handed over to the Criminal Investigations Department for a telecommunication analysis.

The special search operation in the Boossa Prison was jointly conducted by the Prisons officials and the Special Task Force.

Yesterday, Negombo Prison Intelligence Unit found 61 mobile phones, 51 SIM cards, 71 batteries, 30 charges, 16 g of heroin and 2 g of cannabis from the cells of Negombo Prison.

“Prison officers also found two mobile phones from the Colombo Remand Prison, four mobile phones from Bogambara Prison and twelve phones from Magazine Prison,” the Defence Ministry website yesterday said on Tuesday (June 09)

The report noted the Commissioner General saying officials would conduct further investigations and raids to combat drug mafia and other organised crimes carried out by some noted underworld criminals serving imprisonment.