Jun 09, 2020

Less respiratory patients due to wearing of facemasks Featured

Consultant Respiratory Physician - Dr. Dushyantha Medagedara states that there is a significant drop in respiratory patients with the public wearing  facemasks in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak.

He said that this can be clearly seen in areas such as Kandy, where air pollution is a pressing issue.

He said that wearing facemasks is a healthy habit which protects the body from germs in the environment while preventing germs in a body from joining the environment.

He also noted that conserving the environment also played a significant role in disease prevention.

22 Covid-19 patients yesterday

Meanwhile, 22 Covid-19 cases were identified yesterday (08), increasing the total number of cases found in the country so far  to 185.

The number of recoveries has increased to 990 while 856 persons are still under medical treatment.