Feb 11, 2017

Reason behind ineffectiveness of Coriander Featured

Coriander which is being used for its medicinal properties as well as a herb is now being sold in the market after its essence is extracted, which has resulted in substandard coriander void of its healing properties, it is reported.

The reports further revealed that coriander void of its goodness is being imported at lower prices and the essence of quality coriander is being  extracted prior to being released to the market.

When Sri Lanka Mirror contacted the Chairman of the Consumer Affairs Authority, Hasitha Tillakaratne  regarding this situation, he confirmed that such a racket was taking place and said that the CAA too had received several complaints in this regard.

He said that upon investigation of these complaints the CAA had conducted several raids and discovered several stocks of coriander where the essence was completely extracted making the herb totally useless and unfit for consumption.

He further stated;

Proper standard for herbs

“We have joined with the Sri Lanka Standards Institute and several other institutions and planning to conduct a comprehensive survey. Hence, we urge the consumers to inform the CAA of any such substandard coriander found in the market and we are also engaged in investigating such fraudulent traders involved in the import of substandard coriander. We cannot allow these errant traders to take advantage and exploit the consumers in this manner. We will certainly enforce the law very sternly against anyone found guilty of engaging in such unethical trade practices. The CAA will ensure that those found guilty of importing or selling such substandard coriander will be banned from ever engaging in this business in the future,” assured Tillakaratne.

The CAA further stated that so far they have also received complaints with regard to cardamoms, cloves and several other herbs and condiments and it plans to implement strict quality standards for such herbs and condiments in the near future.