May 25, 2020

Limit wedding guests to 100 - MoH

The Health Ministry today clarified that guests at weddings must be limited to 100 or 40 percent of the size of the reception hall.

The Ministry of Health said that it is best to have as less guests as possible at weddings as a result of the threat of the coronavirus.

In a clarification to guidelines issued earlier, the Health Ministry said that in the event a guest at a wedding is found to have contracted the coronavirus, it would be easier to provide medical attention and quarantine a small number of guests as opposed to a large number.

Social distancing at weddings will be a must while other health guidelines must also be followed.

The Health Ministry said that if the reception hall is small then only 40 percent of the full capacity must be accommodated.

If the reception hall is large then no more than 100 people must be accommodated.

The Health Ministry insisted that new guidelines had not been issued with regards to weddings as reported in some media.

According to the Health Ministry, guidelines issued on 27 April are still valid. 

(Colombo Gazette)