May 24, 2020

Two types of heroism trend on FB in May

A dialogue has emerged about two heroism related topics that had gone viral during two days in the month of May.

The first topic, lauding the heroism of security forces, trended widely on May 18, which marked 11 years since the end of a bloody 30-year long war.

The second topic trended on May 23, which is tragic rescue attempt of Mr. Hameed Rizwan. Rizwan lost his life last week while attempting to rescue a girl who was trying to commit suicide by jumping into the Upper Kotmale dam and was widely lauded as a hero for his selfless act.

The following are reactions received for two posts on these topics which were published by a single page.

FB Post Screen 850px

According to reports, Rizwan's selfless act of heroism was noted on 340 Facebook pages and profiles while videos related to the topic have garnered over 6.3 million views and over 20,000 'sad' reactions.