Apr 27, 2020

Airman tested positive for Covid-19

An airman has been tested positive for the Novel coronavirus, reports say.

SLAF Acting Spokesman Dushan Wijesinghe said the airman was attached to the SLAF band of the Katunayake Base and that he is reported to have participated in an event with a group of Navy Band on April 12.

However, the airmen had been kept on isolation since then.

He said PCR tests have been conducted on another group of SLAF members and results are yet to be received.

Speaking to media yesterday (26), Army commander Shavendra Silva stated that 95 Navy personnel have been tested positive for Covid-19.

Reports later revealed that the Army Special Forces Camp in Seeduwa was isolated with immediate effect yesterday when one of its officers was found positive with Covid-19 on Saturday night, whilst his spouse attached to the Welisara Navy base was maternity leave.