Apr 25, 2020

Farmers in trouble due to increased home gardening  Featured

It is reported that the farmers  have been inconvenienced due to shortage of fertilizer as the public have taken more interest in home gardening.

All Ceylon Farmers Federation Secretary Namal Karunaratne says that the vendors are selling urea and mixed fertilizer for higher prices. 

He further stated that even though a 50 kg bag of urea is sold at a controlled price of Rs.1000 , mixed fertilizer is sold at prices over Rs.4000.

It is said that different types of fertilizers such as vegetable fertilizer, coconut fertilizer and flower fertilizer are prepared and sold at very high prices.

It is reported that these fixed fertilizer should be purchased according to the amount of urea fertilizer purchased.

Karunaratne alleges that the vendors are exploiting the situation as the transportation of fertilizer and distribution has been affected by the curfew.

Government mechanism to purchase vegetables fail

He further said the government mechanism to purchase vegetables from farmers is a huge failure.

He said the union would extend its fullest cooperation to the government to formulate a new program in this regard.