Apr 23, 2020

Cluster cases could hamper Covid19 control efforts - GMOA

The Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA) has warned that if Covid-19 patients are found in clusters at the grassroots level, health workers could lose the upper hand in disease control efforts.

GMOA Secretary - Dr. Haritha Aluthge says that the next few days will be critical after Covid-19 cases were discovered from several parts of the country.

Noting that cluster cases have been found from several areas, and this could continue, Dr. Aluthge urges the Ministry of Health to immediately conduct testing throughout the island.

He adds that it will not be possible to open up the country even on April 27 if Covid-19 cases continue to appear from different areas in this manner, during the next few days as well.

Emphasising that the present rate of testing is still insufficient, Dr. Aluthge said that it would be possible to reduce the existing risk if authorities are able to conduct 1,500 tests on a daily basis.
Due to the inefficiency of certain people in the health sector, the country's recovery process has gone back by three weeks, he further said.

Although the GMOA had urged the MoH from last month to initiate testing selecting samples from around the country, they had not paid much attention to it, Dr. Aluthge alleged.

(Source - Aruna)