Apr 21, 2020

President should be responsible if constitutional crisis arises - Anura Featured

Leader of the JVP - Anura Kumara Dissanayake says that there is no constitutional crisis at the present and that the Constitution has provisions to act during every unexpected situation.
He adds that the Election Commission has acted so far according to these provisions.

Creating a constitutional crisis

Speaking at political talk show - 'Jana Handa' telecast on TNL, the JVP leader said that powers are already vested in the president under the constitution and if the president creates a constitutional crisis, it would be deliberately done, by ignoring the powers conferred to him.

Risk for new SLPP candidates

Mr. Dissanayake further said that it is the responsibility of the Elections Commission not just to hold elections but also to create the opportunity for political movements to engage in an election campaign in a just manner.

If there is no room for an election campaign, the fresh candidates of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna, who had been adamantly calling for elections, will not even have the chance of telling their preference numbers to the voters, he added.

Old parliament, not needed

Mr. Dissanayake adds that even they are of the opinion that the old parliament should not be reconvened. However, it is the responsibility of the president to resolve the crisis, he adds.

Constitution, democracy can't be compromised

He also emphasised that that the prevailing crisis shouldn't be resolved by overriding existing democratic principles and that the Constitution and democracy cannot come to an end when the Covid-19 epidemic ends.

Although we can refuse to accept this constitution, we are all still bound to it, he added.