Apr 21, 2020

People’s actions will determine curfew

The Police says the decision on whether curfew will be eased or extended will be determined based on the actions of the public.

Police Media Spokesman SP Jaliya Senaratne said it is the responsibility of the people to act diligently when curfew is temporarily lifted.

SP Senaratne said Police are observing as to how the public is responding when curfew is relaxed, adding therefore according to public cooperation only will it be decided in future, as to whether curfew will continue, or be further relaxed.

The Police Media Spokesman noted roadblocks have been installed around all district borders and any individual who crosses district limits will be subject to inspection, in order to determine if they are travelling for essential needs or state service.

SP Jaliya Senaratne urged the public to refrain from travelling for personal needs or on trips, adding that permission will not be granted in such instances.