Apr 19, 2020

Covid-19 escapee hospitalised Featured

Public Health Inspectors and the Police have taken steps to hospitalise a suspected Covid-19 individual who fled the Chilaw General Hospital.

The 30-year-old individual, reportedly heavily addicted to narcotics, was admitted to hospital last evening (18).

The individual was among the group from Nagalagam Street, Colombo that was directed to be quarantined.

However, he escaped authorities and returned to his residence.

However soon after information of his whereabouts were revealed the individual was admitted to hospital last evening, where he again fled.

The individual had informed his mother via phone that he fled from hospital and was returning home in a three-wheeler.

His mother has informed the PHI of her son’s whereabouts.

The Chilaw General Hospital, re-admitted the individual after the PHI and Police succeeded in locating the individual.

The hospital obtained his samples in order to determine if he has contracted the coronavirus.