Mar 30, 2020

Nominations to be cancelled? Featured

Since the General election cannot be held for several under the prevailing Covid-19 health concerns, it is highly likely that nominations would be cancelled, political analysts say.

However, the Elections Commission has been accused of not paying attention to the matter.

'Sri Lanka Mirror' yesterday (29) reported that the Election Commission has informed District Secretaries not to include nominated candidates, when distributing relief to the people who are confined to their homes during curfew.

Subsequent to the report, we have received information of several candidates who have been ignoring these instructions.

Also, concerns have been raised over SLPP founder - Basil Rajapaksa named as the head of the task force appointed to distribute essential food supplies to the public, in a backdrop where party secretaries too, have been informed to look into candidates who are distributing relief after elections were  declared.

"One Country ; One Law"

According to legal experts, any citizen has the right to file a personal criminal case against such candidates without the consent of the Attorney General.

Section 169 B 1 of the Penal code, which is with regard to  'Bribery in connection with an election' states as follows :

Legal experts point out that except for a declaration of public policy or promise of public action, bribery by treating (which means that form of bribery where the gratification consists on food, drink, entertainment or provision) is punishable by law.

Article 78 of the Parliamentary Elections Act

In addition, the Article 78 of the Parliamentary Elections Act states as follows :

"Every person who, corruptly, by himself or by any other person, either before, during or after an election, directly or indirectly gives or provides or causes to be given or provided, or is accessory to the giving or providing, or pays or engages to pay wholly or in part the expense of giving or providing any meat, drink, refreshment or provision or any money or ticket or other means or device to enable the procuring of any meat, drink, refreshment, or provision, to or for any person for the purpose of corruptly influencing that person or any other person to give or refrain from giving his vote at such election or on account of any such person or any other person having voted or refrained from voting or being about to vote or refrain from voting at such election, and every elector who corruptly accepts or takes any such meat, drink, or refreshment or provision or any such money or ticket or who adopts such other means or device to enable the procuring of such meat, drink, refreshment, or provision shall be guilty of the offence of treating."
Candidates distributing goods

Nimal Lanza and Wimal Weerawansa were two candidates who were caught distributing relief items, thus violating the above laws.

Nimal Lanza

Wimal Weerawansa