Mar 22, 2020

Five million families could go hungry Featured

Nearly five million families surviving on daily wages have fallen into especial hard times after curfew was imposed over Covid-19 fears, , the 'Aruna' newspaper reports.

Families who are dependent on one individual, persons who are self-employed and those who are working on a daily wage, are the ones who are most severely impacted.

Most such families live in the Western province and hill country areas.

As a result of the prevailing situation, such families are even having trouble to procure their daily meals.

Sajith calls for an Rs.. 65,000 allowance

Meanwhile, former opposition leader - Sajith Premadasa has called for an allowance of Rs. 65,000 to be given to everyone except for the extreme wealthy, as a measure to rebuild this collapsed economy.

In a Facebook post, he has said that the opposition would support this unconditionally.