Feb 04, 2017

Mulaithivu: “National day of mourning” (video) Featured

While the government has organised the most extravagant Independence Day celebrations in Colombo, a group who have been engaged in a Sathyagraha campaign in Mulaithivu against military occupation of their lands have declared  the day a day of mourning. Another group protesting against the occupation of their lands have staged a protest opposite the Divisional Secretariat in Puthukudiiruppu.

A group of displaced persons from Mulaithivu staged the Sathyagraha for the past four days, in protest of being denied access to their lands that were occupied by the Air Force for the past seven years, despite the government notification on January 31 declaring that these lands have been freed to the people.

The protestors from the Mulaithivu district, Karaithuraipattu DS division, Keppapilav GS division, Pilavkudiruppu, who were the original residents, urge the President to intervene in this matter and provide them a solution.

One of the protestors a 50-year-old who was engaged in the protest for the past four days had collapsed and was hospitalised. He is Manikkam Ganeshan and is being treated at the Mancholai hospital, Mulaitivu.

Another protest:

Meanwhile another protest was staged opposite the Puthukudiiruppu Divisional Secretariat, demanding the release of their lands occupied by the military.

The protest commenced yesterday demanding the release of 19 acres of land in the Puthukudiiruppu area belonging to 49 families.

The protestors claim that they were residents of these lands for over 60 years, but had to flee due to the war. However having returned to their original lands in 2011, they had discovered that their lands were being occupied by the military.

The members of the 49 families engaged in the protest claim that they have been residing with relatives from 2011 and charge that although the government has released many other lands, their lands have still not been released.

These lands are situated in the Mulaithivu town.