Feb 03, 2017

National strategy for exports

The Export Development Board (EDB) has initiated action on the preparation of a National Export Strategy NES for the next five years. The EDB is empowered by the Sri Lanka Export development Act to prepare a national Export strategy.

The initial consultative meeting was held recently at the EDB chaired by Sujeewa Sensinghe, State Minister of International Trade who is the designated navigator for NES.

The NES is a collaborative effort of the state and private sectors to provide a detailed and prioritized five-year action-oriented framework for the development of trade and competitiveness particularly for the benefit of the Small and medium sector SME in Sri Lanka.

The strategy will provide a clear direction for sustainable export led growth to make Sri Lanka a key trade hub in the Indian Ocean.

The main objective of the initial meeting was to discuss the NES objectives and agree on the next milestones. An aggregated set of detailed strategies with realistic and measurable action plans will be prepared. Detailed strategies for the development of product and service areas and key trade support areas such as trade promotion, trade intelligence, trade financing, quality and enterprise competency development will be prepared.

Mrs. Indira Malwatte, Chairperson and Chief Executive of EDB, Mrs. Chandani Wijayawardena, Secretary, Ministry of Development Strategies and International Trade and Dr.Saman Kalegama, Managing Director, Agency for International Trade, Ministry of Development Strategies and International Trade were among the thirteen members of the consultative team and the NES coordinated by the Policy and strategic planning division of the EDB.

Technical assistance for the NES is provided by the International Trade Centre (ITC), based in Geneva and financially supported by the European Union.