Feb 29, 2020

Details emerge on child abuse video uploader

The Chairman of the National Child Protection Authority, Prof. Muditha Vidanapathirana says that  details regarding the individual who uploaded the video of a child being abused in to social media has been revealed.

As a result of investigations into the matter, information has been uncovered regarding this person and no information has been found regarding the abused girl, he said.

He said that although many parties have criticized the incident, it is a case of child abuse , therefore has to investigated with due care.

An actress has also given a statement regarding the incident and it is reported that she will provide more information in the future.

'Child abuse is increasing day by day'

Speaking at a media briefing held at the National Child Protection Authority premises in Madiwela yesterday (28 Feb), Attorney at Law Kaushalya Ariyaratne said the following.

"The video of the abuse of a little daughter,who is believed to be 6 years of age, has been circulating on the Internet  and it has become a hotly debated topic in society. Despite repeated complaints made to the Child Protection Authority, the suspects have not been arrested. We have not had a chance to meet the Chairman of the National Child Protection Authority. This little girl has been abused. The President came to power saying that the security of the country should be given priority. Now where is the security of the country?The abuse of children in this country is increasing day by day. How many unofficial abuses are taking place in this country? "