Feb 26, 2020

Government’s attempt to play election games with the supplementary estimate” (Video) Featured

The supplementary estimate presented by the government for an additional Rs. 367 billion was a game played to fulfil their election expenses while the government has already submitted a supplementary estimate for funding until next April which was approved, said former Minister Lakshman Kiriella. 

He said that the supplementary estimate presented until the end of April 2020 covers the government servants salaries, funds for development and funds required for debt repayments.

Kiriella further noted that while the funds required for the Enterprise Sri Lanka by the previous government is also included in the approved supplementary estimate and as the current government has suspended this programme that money too is available to them.

The government had sought Rs. 10.88 billion for a secretive programme in addition to the funds allocated by the Yahapalanaya government, he added.

There were two sections to the proposal, he said, adding that one portion was for development expenses and the opposition had agreed to approve this amount. However, the opposition had not agreed to support the approval of the additional Rs. 10.88 billion exceeding the credit limit.

We governed for 8 months with 45 ministers

The former minister noted that the UNF had governed the country for eight months with just 45 ministers, but the current government is unable to govern for even three months, adding that the 45 member government even had a budget passed.