Feb 21, 2020

Five grams of plastic is consumed per person per week Featured

Each person consumes around five grams of plastic per week, said Dr. Sajith Edirisinghe, Lecturer at Department of Anatomy Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

Based on global research carried out, the highest amount of micro plastic particles was found in the seas around America and India. In the waters surrounding America, 4.8% of micro plastic particles were found in every 500 ml, while 4% micro plastic particles were found in every 500 ml of water surrounding India, a study had found.

By 2025 every 3 metric tons of fish will contain 1 metric ton of plastic, which is a ration of 3-1, according to researchers.

The focus on micro plastics has emerged over the past three years and to date serious concerns have been raised regarding this issue.

Double the amount of plastic in the Mannar seas

According to Dr. Edirisinghe, the seas off Mannar have been found to contain double the amount of micro plastics in comparison to other areas.

According to a research conducted by a Norwegian Company Institute of Marine Research and NARA in the waters in the Wayamba seas they found 0.89 plastic particles in every cubic metre of sea water and the highest figure was recorded from the seas off Mannar.

“Based on NARA research the highest amount of micro plastics was found in the waters of the Wayamba area. In comparison with the other areas it is around double the amount. Of this area the Mannar area is the highest. Therefore, we need to minimize the amount of plastic and polythene we discard into the environment,” said Edirisinghe.