Feb 17, 2020

Exercise caution when using the internet – rise in internet scams Featured

The financial fraud connected to social media and the internet have increased, warned the Sri Lanka Information Technology Association.

As this association had received information regarding such scams targeting internet and social media users, the IT Association warned the public to be extra cautious.

They claim that in recent years such crimes have increased warning that many of these financial scams entice internet users by offering numerous means of earning money through the internet.

Do not exchange photographs with unknown parties

The police warned the public not to exchange photographs of one’s self or others when communicating with unknown parties over social media or the internet. 

Police investigations have revealed that unscrupulous characters prowling the internet and social media obtain photos of unsuspecting victims and edit them and sell them to porn sites.

Therefore, the police warns all internet users to be careful of such fraudsters and in the event they come across any information regarding such internet fraudsters, to immediately notify the police.