Feb 01, 2017

Harrison is in ‘top 10’ worst corrupt list Featured

The joint opposition today (01) revealed no. seven in its list of ‘top 10’ worst corrupt politicians of the present government.

The accused is P. Harrison, according to MP Mahindananda Aluthgamage, who charged the minister of causing a Rs. 36,000 million loss to the state by giving paddy at Rs. 24 a kilo as animal fodder, while the mill owners are ready to buy at Rs. 50 kilo.

On the other hand, the companies that bought the paddy as animal fodder sell the stocks at Rs. 35 a kilo to earn a Rs. 11,000 undue profit, he claimed.

After the media briefing, four JO MPs went to the bribery commission and lodged a complaint against minister Harrison.

Harrison responds

Responding to the JO accusations, the minister told the media in Colombo that he would resign from his ministerial portfolio as well as the parliamentary seat if it was proved that he had obtained even five cents from the paddy sales.

He urged the commission to give priority to the complaint against him.

Harrison added that he would go to courts next week against his accusers.

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