Jan 25, 2020

Attempt on life of man who allegedly tried to kill Gotabaya

An attempt has been on the life of underworld member named Viduranga alias Vitta, who is currently remanded at the Colombo Remand Prison.

It is said that Vitta had attempted to assassinate president Gotabaya Rajapaksa close to last year's presidential election.

The Newspaper 'Aruna' reports that prison surveillance cameras have recorded another underworld member named - Dorri attempting to inject cyanide to Vitta's buttocks, but the attempt had fallen short when the needle had broken.

The 'Aruna' further reports :

Another underworld gang member, Mendan, is also in custody.

Vitta is considered to be a strong member of the underground gangs of 'Makandure Madush' and 'Samayan'.

After being detained for a prolonged period at the Colombo Crimes Division for further investigations, Vitta was taken to the Colombo remand prison yesterday (24) on a court order.

Kudu Selvi's sons

It has been revealed that those who had planned to kill Vitta were the two sons of 'Kudu Selvi', another underworld gang leader in Colombo.

Kuduselvi's two sons are currently being held at the Colombo Remand Prison and it has now been revealed that they had used Dorri to do the deed. It has also been revealed that they have close links to 'Makandure Madush' and the LTTE.

Subsequently, Vitta has been transferred to the Mahara Prison.

Also doubts are now raised whether a high ranking Prison officer was also behind this conspiracy.