Jan 24, 2020

CID questions Shani for six hours over Garnia’s calls and Nishantha Featured

Former Director of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) SSP Shani Abeysekara was questioned by the CID from 9.15 to 3.15 yesterday over the probes carried out on Swiss Embassy staffer Garnia Bannister Francis.

Investigations have revealed that a suspicious network of phone calls had been active during the period the Swiss Embassy staffer claims to have been abducted.

The CID had recently reported to the court that Inspector of Police (IP) Nishantha Silva had engaged in a telephone conversation with SSP Abeysekara for nearly 9 minutes before departing to Switzerland.

In addition, the CID has observed that Garnia Bannister Francis kept in touch with Lake House chairman Krishantha Cooray, a former employee of Lake House Darisha Bastian, IP Nishantha Silva and former CID chief SSP Abeysekara during the time period the alleged abduction took place.

Shani questioned about Nishantha

Meanwhile, police sources stated that SSP Shani Abeysekara had been questioned regarding the former OIC of the CID Organised Crimes Division Nishantha Silva fleeing the country as well.