Jan 24, 2020

Is Tissa or Amaratunga the North Central Governor? Featured

The North Central Province unemployed graduates query whether the North Central Province Governor is Tissa Witharana or his Advisor A.N.L. Amaratunge.

This was during a meeting held between the graduates and Witharana.

This inquiry was made as Witharana had been silent and all the talking was done by Amaratunge.

Amaratunge had also served as former President Maithripala Sirisena’s Private Secretary as well.

Meanwhile, the administrative functions of the North Central Province is said to be in a complicated situation due to the non-appointment of officials for the relevant institutions and those already appointed being from outer areas such as Ruwanwella, it is reported.

It is also reported that recently during a meeting between the Governor and the North Central Province Provincial Councilors and LG representatives, the Governor had said he was going for tea and had not returned for a long period. 

As such the provincial council chairmen and others had left.