Jan 22, 2020

Iraj says he will release a video on Hirunika Featured

Hip-hop artiste and Director of the Tourism Development Bureau - Iraj Weeraratne has saidthat he would release a video on parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra verysoon.

In a Facebook post, Iraj has said he would respond to Hirunika's statementsmade in parliament about him, in this manner.

Addressingparliament yesterday (21), Hirunika Premachandra alleged that it was Iraj who hadedited the telephone recordings and was releasing it through social media.

In hispost, Iraj says that these elected public representatives should use the timein parliament for matters beneficial for the country and not for such issues. 

Hirunika Premachandra’s statement in parliament could be accessed here.

Iraj’s FBpost could be accessed here.