Jan 22, 2020

Sathosa suppliers who refuse bribes to manager, bullied Featured

The goods supplied by suppliers who refuse to pay commissions to certain Sathosa managers are being stored until they near the expiry dates without putting them out to the stores, it has been revealed.

Many suppliers supply goods to Sathosa under their brand name and other names.

With respect to goods of suppliers who refuse to pay commission to managers, they store the supplied goods in stores and then when the expiry date nears they notify the suppliers to take back their goods, Sathosa sources said.

By storing certain food items for months in the stores for months, these goods are eaten by rats, cockroaches and other animals.

As a result, some suppliers have had to suffer losses amounting to millions.

It is also reported that these managers also delay the cheques due to certain suppliers who fail to grant them commissions as bribes.