Jan 20, 2020

Payments suspended due to sub-standard uniform materials for Foreign Employment Bureau Featured

The uniform materials provided for the employees of the Foreign Employment Bureau is said to be substandard and as such the payment of around Rs. 30 million has been suspended, it is reported.

Every year the employees of the Foreign Employment Bureau are provided uniform materials. Accordingly, females are provided six sarees and the males are provided six shirts and four trouser materials.

However, after the employees had complained of the poor quality of the materials, the payment for the materials had been suspended.

This year the uniforms and materials had been purchased from a renowned supplier in Pettah.

The unions stated that while a committee should be appointed for the selection of the uniform materials, the Chairman had chosen the materials for last year based on his own discretion.

Here, 3480 sarees had been ordered at the rate of Rs. 5250 each for the female employees.

However, while around 30% of the sarees had been supplied already, the workers complain that the sarees cannot be worn.

The cost per trouser length for the males is Rs. 1925 each. There are 440 male employees at the Foreign Employment Bureau and they receive four trouser lengths each.

The unions also stated that the high ranking officials of the Foreign Employment Bureau receive an allowance for their clothing.