Jan 19, 2020

Basil to return to SL next week : MR to contest from K'negala or Gampaha? Featured

Basil Rajapaksa who left to the US two weeks after the presidential election, is expected to return to the country next week. 

Although there were reports suggesting that he had taken legal measures to renounce his US citizenship during his visit to the US, SLPP sources said that he would not contest the upcoming general election.

Several government ministers had contacted Basil Rajapaksa and urged him to renounce his US citizenship and contest the upcoming election. But, Basil Rajapaksa had responded saying that he had no desire to contest the 2020 general election.

However, he had said that although he would not contest in 2020, he would definitely contest the 2025 election.

Will Mahinda contest from Kurunegala or Gampaha?

Meanwhile, Premier Mahinda Rajapaksa is said to be still deciding the best district to contest from.

The majority request is for him to contest from Gampaha where he could obtain around one million preferential votes.

This is due to around 1.8 million voters being registered in the Gampaha District.