Jan 19, 2020

Ranjith, secretary of Sajith’s coalition? Featured

The UNP members supportive of Sajith Premadasa are said to have decided to form a separate coalition group without leaving the party, it is reported. 

This decision had been taken during a meeting held between the party leaders last Friday.

It is however said that a final decision has not been taken regarding the name of the new coalition, positions and its symbol.

The reason is that they have yet not agreed to give the coalition the planned registered party, it is said.

Meanwhile, it is said that Monaragala District MP Ranjith Maddumabandara is scheduled to be appointed as the Secretary to the new coalition.

They have also decided to hold a series of public rallies throughout the country prior to the general election once the coalition is established.

It has also been planned to hold discussions with the electoral organisers, provincial and LG representatives.

The intention of this series of meetings is to notify them of the activities against public expectations of the new government and the decisions taken by the party members.

Coalition has no money

The main obstacle in forming this coalition is the lack of funds.

It is reported that during Sajith Premadasa’s election campaign they are in debt for around Rs. 260 million and those who were involved in this campaign are in a helpless state.

The main reason for being in debt is said to me that several persons who were involved in Sajith’s election campaign at Vauxhall Street office misusing the funds.

The money given by businessmen for Sajith’s election campaign had been misused by certain persons without utilising them for the election campaign, it is reported.