Jan 18, 2020

New mosquito found in SL could be disease carrier? Featured

A new species of mosquito that could be a disease carrier has been found in Sri Lanka.

The new mosquito species, identified as 'Cx.sp near infula' has been discovered from Ambepussa in the Mirigama Medical Health Officer’s Division.

With this new discovery, the number of mosquito species found in Sri Lanka rises to 154.

The Head of the entomology unit, Dr Sagarika Samarasinghe says that this new mosquito that belongs to the Culex family could be a disease carrier.

Tests conducted in India in 1998 has proved that the Culex infula mosquito is a carrier of Japanese Encephalitis. Therefore, this new discovery is very important. There is a possibility of 'Cx.sp near infula' being a carrier of the same disease, she added.