Jan 18, 2020

Rice shortage in country ; vegetable shops robbed Featured

There is an island-wide shortage of Nadu rice as well as white and red Kekulu rice,according to market sources.

The 'Aruna' newspaper reported on this as follows :

At the present, the price of these rice varieties have gone beyond Rs. 100 per kilo with the price of white Kekulu rice being over Rs. 118.

The high volume of Keeri Samba and Samba rice being released to the market these days had led to the increase of other rice varieties.

Upon inquiring from major rice mills in the country, their spokesmen said they only possess Keeri Samba at the moment.

Inquiries made by 'Sri Lanka Mirror' revealed that the situation is the same in Supermarkets as well.

Vegetable thieves

Meanwhile, vegetable vendors in the Baddegama area in Galle have pointed out that with the increase in prices, vegetable thieves have emerged in their area.

These thieves are said to have robbed vegetables amounting to hundreds of thousands of rupees during the early hours of last Wednesday (16), from two vegetable shops located in the town of Baddegama.

They have also stolen cash in the shop tills, reports add.

Vendors say that this has been caused by the sharp increase of vegetable prices.

Baddegama Police are conducting further investigations.

According to shop owners, these robbers had mostly stolen carrots and leeks, which are currently priced between Rs. 480 and Rs. 500 per kg.

It is said that a whole bag of red onions has been stolen as well. A kilo of red onions is currently between Rs. 750 - Rs. 800.

It is said that the value of stolen vegetables from one of these shops exceeds Rs. 100,000.

Use substitutions - minister

Meanwhile, Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Welfare Anura Priyadarshana Yapa has called the public attention to vegetable prices and urged to use any available substitutes.

The stark price hike of vegetables have prompted many posts and memes on social media.
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