Jan 17, 2020

TV1 to boost Sajith's new party? Featured

 According to an UNP MP, 'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns that the main reason for a group of party MPs to oppose Sajith Premadasa being given the party leadership is the latter entering an agreement with the Tamil Progressive Front and the Muslim Congress at the upcoming General election.

With the UNP's vote base in the south deteriorating, several minority parties are plotting to seize the internal power of the party and appointing Sajith Premadasa to the party leadership is the first step in this plot, he says.

Although Mr. Premadasa has prepared everything to form a separate party, he is not given the opportunity to do so by the leaders of these minority parties,  UNP internal sources say.

Contesting from ColomboMeanwhile, a group of MPs rejected by the public had  planned to contest from Colombo and Gampaha at the upcoming General election, and with the party leadership declining their request, they have shifted their support to Mr. Premadasa.

Chasing Ranja

It is also learnt that these MPs were the ones who had mainly expressed reasons to suspend Mr. Ranjan Ramanayake's party membership.

Sajith's Kangaroo PartyMeanwhile, it is said that Mr. Premadasa is of the view that a new party should be founded instead of fighting for the party leadership.

Accordingly, he is to found a party under symbol of a Kangaroo, reports say.

TV1's Image boostingMeanwhile, the 'Aruna' newspaper reports that a media institution owner has come forward to give full support to the activities of Mr. Premadasa's new party.

It is said that the owner of the media institution is prepared to provide the necessary buildings and financial support for the organising activities while also planning to launch new image building programs of Sajith Premadasa.

Apparently, the lack of an image building program and the creation of news have been identified by this media institution owner to be the reasons behind Mr. Premadasa's recent defeat.

Accordingly, he has reportedly hired an announcer and a film director who had conducted political programmes at a state media institution when the previous government was in power.

These two individuals are tasked with creating programs and news to boost the image of Mr. Premadasa.

However, upon inquiring on the matter, 'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns that the media institution that had recently recruited  a film director is the Capital Maharaja organisation.

 The company has hired film director Anuruddha Jayasinghe for its TV1 channel.

Also, Dilshan Pathirana, who had previously worked for ITN, has been hired as the head of the news division of TV1.