Jan 15, 2020

No more WDs ; Chairmen perks limited Featured

The Presidential Secretariat has issued a special circular limiting the monthly salary of the state institution heads to Rs. 100,000.

Also, they will be entitled to only one official vehicle.

The circular issued with the signature of President's secretary - Mr. P.B. Jayasundera has been directed to all the ministry secretaries.

According to the new circular, and institution head will only be entitled to 150 litres of fuel while Director Board members will be entitled to only a monthly allowance of Rs. 25,000.

Meanwhile, the position of Working Director (WD) in state institutions has been abolished. A Working Director can be appointed only if necessary.

The Presidential Secretariat has advised that public institutions should be maintained at a minimum cost to manage public expenditure. 

New office premises for Chairmen and Board members Chairpersons cannot be purchased and all officials are urged to cooperate with each other to work as per instructions of the Presidential Secretariat.

Chairmen and board members to over 300 government institutions were appointed by a special committee.

To cut down the tussleInternal sources from the government say that these measures have been taken to cut down the competition  between supporters of the president who are eying DIrector board and chairmen posts at state institutions.

It is said that when considering the prevailing conditions, qualified candidates are more than capable of securing a positions are chairmen and director board members in the private sector for a higher salary and perks.