Jan 14, 2020

‘Audit Service’ Cabinet paper presented Featured

The Presidential Secretariat had submitted a Cabinet paper for the establishment of the Sri Lanka State Audit Service commission. Accordingly, it is expected that this Cabinet paper would be taken up for discussion at the next Cabinet meeting, the Audit investigation Services association hopes.

The Audit investigation services association held a protest two weeks ago demanding the establishment of this commission.

By not establishing the Audit service the constitution and the national audit act have both been violated, the national audit officers service said and appealed to the sri Lankan audit investigation association to intervene in this matter. They had made this request in writing to the president’s secretary P.B. Jayasundara last December.

According to the specifications outlined in the 2018 Number 19 National Audit Act on August 01, 2018, three months after the bill has been passed, establishment of the audit service is compulsory. However, it has not been done so far, resulting in the audit officers not having legal provision to carry out audits pertaining to state financial regulation, the Auditors Association had notified the President’s secretary.

Although the previous president had approved the establishment of the audit service commission and issued ordered to his secretary, the salaries and cadre commission Chairman and the members of the audit commission had not regarded the presidential order and had failed to establish the national audit commission.