Jan 09, 2020

Garnia’s abduction a lie, intelligence reports sent to Swiss Govt.

The Swiss Intelligence team that arrived in the country to investigate the abduction allegations by Swiss Embassy staffer Garnia Francis has forwarded their report to the Swiss Government, it is reported.

The initial investigations by this team have found no evidence to substantiate claims of her abduction.

The Sri Lankan intelligence units had also assisted the Swiss intelligence team and the Swiss team had inspected the locations she claimed she was abducted.

It has also been revealed that the report published by New York Times regarding the abduction in a white van is a blatant lie.

No investigation regarding Garnia’s assets yet

It has been reported that so far an investigation regarding the assets of Garnia Francis has so far not been done.

It is said that the Swiss Embassy Deputy Migration Officer Garnia Francis had the authority to recommend persons seeking political asylum.

Last year alone 1317 Tamil nationals had sought political asylum in Switzerland and it has been revealed that none of them faced any threat to their lives and had paid between Rs. 5-10 lakhs in order to gain political asylum.