Jan 06, 2020

Aircraft rented by Sri Lankan despite protests, monthly rental $585,000 Featured

The aircraft not suitable for service, which was  rented for Sri Lankan Airlines during the previous regime had been rented amidst the protests of the airline’s aircraft engineers, the Aviation Services Ministry said.

During the investigations carried out on the instructions of the subject Minister Prasanna Ranatunge, it was revealed that the aircraft had been forcibly brought to Katunayake using Belgian pilots by the previous good governance regime and parked.

Monthly rental $ 585,000 for dilapidated aircraft  

It is also reported that Sri Lankan Airlines pays a rental of $585,000 monthly for this aircraft which is not up to standard to be used for passenger transport.

This aircraft is currently parked at the Katunayake Sri Lankan Airlines hanger and is not being used for flight operations.

Engineers had rejected it

Two Sri Lankan Airlines aircraft engineers had inspected this aircraft which had been used by Air Portugal and had rejected the renting of it. However, a representative of the Civil Aviation Authority had not accompanied them on this inspection tour, it was revealed during the investigations.

This aircraft was scheduled to be brought to the country in 2017, but it was brought to Sri Lanka in 2018 it was revealed.

Minister calls for report on renting this aircraft

Minister Prasanna Ranatunge had instructed the Ministry Secretary to call for a full report from Sri Lankan Airlines regarding the renting of this aircraft disregarding the report submitted by the aircraft engineers.  He had also instructed that a report be obtained from the licensed aircraft engineers association in this regard.