Jan 31, 2017

Our prediction proved correct - JVP Featured

The JVP is doubtful if the present regime will complete investigations into the Central Bank bond sales and punish the culprits.

Its MP Vijitha Herath has told 'BBC Sandeshaya' that what they had predicted has now proved to be correct – that the goods for sale at the Rajapaksa’s shop were not genuine and that it could not be guaranteed that Maithripala Sirisena’s were genuine either.

Instead of the government catching the thieves, the thieves have caught the government, he remarked.

If those responsible are to be punished, a court order should be obtained after producing them before courts through the attorney general. It is two years late already. Even if the process begins now, it will take two to three years for completion. By that time, the government’s term will end, he added.