Dec 30, 2019

Around 50% of youth lack sex education, 75 Under-15’s with HIV  Featured

It is revealed that around 50% ofthe youth in the country lack proper sex education and reproductive health education.

Attorney Kaushalya Ariyaratne said that this has been revealed in the national youth survey report.

She said that not just sexuality, these youth are not even aware of their ownbodies and this ignorance has led to the increase in sexual deaths, infant deaths, illegal abortions and maternal death figures.

75 under 15’s with HIV  

Last year 75 children under 15 years had fallen victim to HIV and it has beenfound that most young persons had been misled by the irregular sex education onthe internet.

The survey also reveals that 90% of the complaints brought before court has been committed by an adult known to the victim.