Jan 30, 2017

Government "Development" can only breed corruption & fraud Featured

"The present Yahapalana unity government cannot (therefore) deliver on any promise more than what the Rajapaksas were able to within this neo liberal economy." says a statement issued by DecentLanka2015, dismissing the total development this government promises.

The statement says, "For almost 40 years people have gained very little in return from possibly trillions of rupees of concessions that total as tax rebates, tax holidays, tax waivers, tax reductions with special infrastructure and State land provided almost free - all given as handouts for investments."

All these have only led to crony business that takes care of political parties and leaders turning all governments equally or more corrupt than its predecessor, explains the DecentLanka2015 statement. It adds, "Allegations of corruption and fraud during 18 months under this "Yahapalana" government exceeds that during the first 03 years under Rajapaksa rule."

Proposing serious dialogue on alternate people driven development the statement says, Sri Lanka's socio economic development for improvement of quality of life should have environmental safeguards and improvements within a SAARC owned regional environmental policy.  

The full statement in Sinhala and English is shown below :

Statement.Alternate Development Necessity 1

Statement.Alternate Development Necessity 2

Statement.Alternate Development Necessity 3