Dec 18, 2019

Agri. ministry shifted from 20 m building? Featured

A special Cabinet paper is expected to be submitted at today’s Cabinet meeting for the removal of the Agriculture Ministry from the nine stories  private building in Rajagiriya, back to the former office at the Govijana Mandiraya, it is reported.

The Agriculture Ministry was shifted from the Govijana Mandiraya to the private building in Rajagiriya in 2016. The rent paid for this private building in Rajagiriya is said to have been Rs. 24.2 million per month.

The government is also said to have spend an additional Rs. 500 million for furniture and a lift for this private building.

The parliamentary sectoral oversight committees have been operating at the Govijana Mandiraya premises in Battaramulla after the Agriculture Ministry had shifted, but with the Agriculture Ministry shifting back to this premises, the sectoral oversight committees would be shifted back to the parliamentary complex.

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had taken a decision to shift all government institutions currently housed at private buildings back to government-owned buildings with the aim of saving huge sums being paid as rent.